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Hi, I am an Consultant with ThoughtWorks and I enjoy writing stuff. Get to know me. I also participate in the /mentoring programme.

This is my personal article collection. A wiki like archive provides better visibility and adds a permanent touch to every article whereas a blog tends to bury older documents in the past.

How to share secret information among your team in a secure fashion.
As useful as mocking can be there are some issues around it that can lead to brittle tests, especially when using mocking frameworks.
Why the concept of a Learning Curve can be really demotivating..

Older Articles:

Using test specific custom assertions is often helpful to increase the readability of tests.
How an idea that’s more than 30 years old changed the way of software system construction.
About leaking implementation details through badly named methods and functions.
A summary list of a few techniques one can apply to make tests more readable.
How coupling to your system’s time can create brittle tests that are painful to maintain.
How the concept of roles and actors can help you to build tiny abstractions to enhance readability and understandability.
Primitive data types often lead to tight coupling and less maintainable code. Here are some rules on how to avoid these.
A review of the “Clean Coder” book by “Robert C. Martin”
The “Boyscout Rule” is a good example of a discipline to keep your software clean and consistent on the long haul.

Oldest Articles

Structuring systems to allow a clean integration of persistence layers can be complicated. This article shares some insights I gathered while working in the ruby world.
Using the let concept in ruby tests can lead to unpleasently confusing tests.
Why entities play a central role in the understandability of a system and how to structure and compose them in a meaningful way.